Different Types of Tow Trucks

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks Newark NJ

Did you hear that there are many different types oftow trucks?
​In fact, when dealing with some companies, you want to specify what tow trucks your car is compatible with; otherwise, you’re going to need to wait for yet another driver.
Although there are many, the three trucks that you will find the most out on the road are Hook and Chain, Flatbed trucks, and Wheel Lift units. All three have different functions, and some perform better in specific situations.

Hook and Chain Trucks
Hook and Chain towing vehicles are not as commonly used as they once were. The reason why is that they don’t secure the car, but merely drag it by its tires in neutral gear.
However, that also means wide swings and a free vehicle that can easily bump into other objects on the way to the shop or impound lot. That also means that these trucks are best suited for incredibly short distances.

​Flatbed Tow Trucks
Flatbed towing vehicles are often the go-to choice for many service providers. A flatbed truck comes equipped with a hydraulic lift which allows the driver to load virtually any car regardless of its current condition.
Because of this feature, many flatbeds get referred to as wreckers, because a totaled car is still able to get loaded onto the vehicle. These remain the most frequently used towing trucks, and the ones you see more often than others.

Wheel Lift Trucks
Wheel lift tow trucks are the ones mostly used in repossessing vehicles. The tower can slip the loading system underneath the car, allowing it to load it fast from many different angles.
Even if a vehicle is parallel parked, a wheel lift can likely still get it set and hauled away. While there may be a company out there that uses this style as their standard vehicle, it’s often the local repo service that drives them the most.

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