Different Types of Tow Trucks

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Are you endlessly searching for a good towing company? Is the search on Google for a “tow truck company near me” giving you the answers that you need? Are you at point in your search where you’re even starting to research the different types of tow trucks? Have you heard about all the different types of tow trucks?

There are many different types of vehicles capable of towing services. In fact, when dealing with some towing companies, you want to specify what type of tow truck your car is compatible with. Otherwise, you’re going to need to wait for yet another tow truck service to assist you.

The two main type of trucks that you will find on the road are Wrecker and Flatbed tow trucks. Both types of tow trucks have different functions and some perform better in specific situations than the others.

Wrecker Tow Truck

tow truck

Wrecker trucks, or commonly refered to as “Hook and Chain” tow trucks are not as frequently used. The reason why is that they don’t secure the entire car. The truck merely pulls it by its rear tires while the vehicle is in neutral gear. However, that also means wide turns and a a much longer trip to the designated destination or impound lot.

The reason for that being, the tow truck operators must drive at a slower speed than allowed because the other half of the broken down vehicle is still on the road. The tow truck operator must be very caustious of pot holes and bumpy roads. The wrecker tow trucks are best when they are used for short distances.

These types of tow trucks are used more for heavier vehicles such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and other similiar trucks. Tow Truck Newark NJ has three wrecker tow trucks that we use for larger, heavy duty vehicles that require our assitance.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed towing vehicles are often the go-to choice for many tow truck service providers. A flatbed truck comes equipped with a hydraulic lift which allows the driver to load almost any car, regardless of its current condition. Because of this feature, many flatbeds are the more commonly used type of tow truck. These types of trucks are ideal in many different situations or emergency towing services because of their capability to load majority of the cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans on the road today. Even a totaled car is still able to get loaded onto a flatbed tow truck. These remain the most frequently used towing trucks, and the ones you see more often than others.

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