Flatbed Towing in Newark

Flatbed Towing Rates In Newark NJ

Flatbed towing is the most frequently requested service, and it’s often the reason why you see so many driving through town. However, locating flatbed towing in Newark NJ is rarely simple as it seems as if all drivers remain busy with other customers.
Another reason why it can take forever to find a service provider is that so many operate outside the area. The may commute in from another city or a neighboring state, making you wait even longer to receive help.
Instead, Tow Truck Newark remains the trusted choice throughout the city, assisting more area drivers than anyone else around. You can already find us hard at work throughout the greater Newark area, including:

  • North Ironbound
  • South Ironbound
  • Weequahic
  • West Side
  • Lower Vailsburg
  • Forest Hill
  • University Heights
  • East Ferry
  • Springfield/Belmont
  • Upper Roseville
  • Lower Roseville
  • Fairmount
  • And the immediate communities.

Whether you’ve returned home from a trip and your vehicle’s battery is dead in the airport garage, or you’re having typical car trouble, you can always depend on us for faster, more convenient towing services.  We’ve been helping drivers in need for more than 15 years, and no one knows the city better than our team does.

​Flatbed Service Newark
Flatbed towing vehicles are often the preferred style as it can accommodate most consumer vehicles. Everything from a motorcycle and sports coup to a beefy pickup truck can fit safely onto a flatbed vehicle.
Even if your car has become disabled in some way, the hydraulic loading system still works fast. All we have to do is park near your bumper, and the loading platform takes care of the rest.
Best of all, your vehicle gets securely fastened, so it’s not moving an inch during transportation. When we drop it off at the mechanic, it’s in the same shape that we found it every time.
When you need safe and dependable flatbed service, you need us at Tow Truck Newark NJ today.

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