Motorcycle Towing Company Near Me

For the past 15 years in the tow truck business, our towing experts have always recommended doing your research when you need to transport your motorcycle from one location to another, without actually driving it to where it needs to be. Tow Truck Newark NJ is Newarks’ most reliable motorcycle towing company. Therefore, you can stop searching the world wide web for “motorcycle towing company near me” and click here to contact us for a free quote.

We have the resources that enable us to tow any motorcycle make and model including Choppers, Cruisers, Sport Bikes, Baggers, Scooters, plus more! So, please we ask you to not drag your bike yourself. Do not try hitching it and pulling it up on a trailer without knowing exactly what you’re doing. You can potentially cause hundreds of dollars in damage. There are a few common problems that most models of motorcycles typically can have. If your motorcycle is experiencing any of the issues below, give your local motorcycle repair shop a call immediately and ask them if they specialize in fixing the specific issue your motorcycle is experiencing.

Common Motorcycle Issues

  • Slow throttle response
  • Halting engine
  • Electrical issues
  • Issues with breaking
  • Burning through gasoline
  • Jerking
  • Chains are not lubricated well
  • Stale gas contamination
  • Batteries not charged
  • Debris stuck in the interior
motorcycle towing companies in newark new jersey

If your motorcycle is experiencing any of the most common motorcycles issues listed above, then we urge you to give your local motorcycle mechanic a call right away and schedule an appointment to get it checked out. But how will you get your bike to your mechanic, safely? As we mentioned before, now is not the time for a new “Do It Yourself” project. Leave those for the DIY experts. We also have the ability to tow jet skis, snowmobiles and ATV’s.  We offer a safe and reliable motorcycle towing service for both you and your bike.  Tow Truck Newark NJ has the ability to pick up bikes with issues ranging from a dead battery to a broken front fork. We have a specially designed electric lift that allows us to pick up even the most damaged motorcycle.