We Buy Junk Cars Here in Newark

Cash For Cars Newark NJ

While you may know that Tow Truck Newark has remained the best in local towing for 15 years, you might see that we buy junk cars here in Newark as well.
We buy junk cars that are no longer operational or cost too much to fix. These are often vehicles that people have driven into the ground, and now they just won’t go on for much longer.
The reason why we buy junk cars isn’t just because it’s an excellent opportunity for us, but it also helps you, the consumer, and the community as a whole. Whether the car gets fixed up and donated or sold for parts, it keeps the Newark NJ city running.

Vehicle donation programs are a fabulous way of assisting those in need to get to work or find a way to their next doctor appointment. However, it takes discarded vehicles to make these programs work, and that is where our team comes in.
We offer fair market value and cash offers to take your old junker off of your hands. No matter where it winds up or if it gets a new owner or not, it’s taking one more inefficient car off of the road.

Most repair shops and auto garages restrict their inventory to parts that are ten, maybe 12 years old. Once your vehicle has aged past that point, it gets difficult to find an affordable mechanic to keep up with repairs.
When your car does nothing but break down or develop issues, however, you know it’s time to cash out. Unfortunately, many car lots are going to refuse to take it in trade, still forcing you to dispose of it somehow.
Rather than delivering it straight to a landfill, there’s a chance that it could go to benefit someone else instead. Before you call the city to get it, you can rely on  our Tow Truck Company for high cash offers.

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