What is a “Wrecker” Service?

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​You’ve likely seen a few different tow trucks while out in traffic, and you might see the term “wrecker service” appear on the side of the vehicle’s body. However, many drivers wonder what is a wrecker service anyways?
Wrecker services is a blanket term used to describe general use towing vehicles. A “wrecker” truck is one of the most frequently-driven styles of hauling machines by professionals because it can adapt to more types of broken down cars.
Wrecker service can specifically get used to describe hauling away a totaled car from an accident, where there is no hope of restoring the vehicle, at least not without a sizable garage receipt. Or, it can also be used to explain calling someone to purchase your junk vehicle for the same reason.

Wrecker Trucks
There are several different styles of recovery trucks available for companies to use. However, time and again, most refer to the wrecker style for its ease of loading, as well as its versatility.
Most towing drivers call their flatbed recovery truck a wrecker style because it doesn’t matter what shape a vehicle remains. The flatbed has a hydraulic lift system that can load even disabled cars onto it.

Why Aren’t Other Towing Services “Wrecker”?
For the most part, each style of towing truck correlates to a specific type of service. For example, the recovery truck a repossession service uses are not the same type of service that a wrecker tow provides.
Winch-style vehicles, on the other hand, are often used for drivers whose cars left the road and become caught in a ditch. Wrecker trucks, on the other hand, are practical for severe traffic accidents, especially when the drivers are unable to move vehicles out of the intersection.

Does My Car Need to Wreck?
The beauty of wrecker trucks is that they aren’t limited to totaled vehicles. No matter what your issue might be, a wrecker can help you.

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